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ANCKOR exists because our founder Brian Von Ancken got really jacked.

He went through a big relationship change and did what a lot of us do after a breakup… worked out.
At that point, Brian believed all he needed to take care of himself was diet and exercise.

As a college football player and early Tough Mudder team member, that's all he knew.

But despite the bigger muscles and cleaner diet, Brian still wasn’t feeling tip top.

Over the next couple years, Brian went on every retreat in the book, got certified in men's emotional health, became an ACE group fitness instructor and experimented with multiple types of wellness out there from jiu jitsu to yoga  and meditation. He learned that to be and feel his best he needed to dedicate time to more than just his physical health:

"Everyone is a house with four rooms: a physical room, a mental room, an emotional room, and a spiritual room. Most of us live in only one room at a time... but unless we go into every room every day -- even if only to air them out -- we're not a complete person." -Indian Proverb

Deciding to share what he learned from his own personal growth, Brian developed  ANCKOR as a place to check all the boxes of Total Health.  A place where you can check in with yourself, connect with others AND get in a great sweat. Sweat you soon!

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We're so excited with what we've created and can't wait to redefine what it means to work out. ​Come on out and give it a try!

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