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I'm Brian Von Ancken, the founder of ANCKOR.

For my first 30 years, I lived a SHOULD life of doing what was expected of me. 🤦

After life threw me a BIG curveball, I left my corporate job and traveled the world for a year. 🗺️

During my travels, I realized my wellbeing was less about diet and exercise, and more about mental and emotional wellness. 🤯

But all wellness offerings felt too woo-woo for me 🤷

So I created ANCKOR to help people live healthy in simple and accessible ways. 🙏

Excited to connect with you 1 on 1 and help you find your healthy anchor! ⚓

"Everyone is a house with four rooms: a physical room, a mental room, an emotional room, and a spiritual room. Most of us live in only one room at a time... but unless we go into every room every day -- even if only to air them out -- we're not a complete person." -Indian Proverb

The approach

1) Self Care Audit- Where do you need help? 🧮

2) Root Cause Search- Find the root of why things aren't going as hoped/planned. 🌳

3) 1% Better Systems and Accountability- Get better in a way that will last and feels fun and playful. 😎

need a change?

We all need a baseline for heath and ANCKOR makes it simple and easy. Hop on a FREE 15 min call to see if it's right for you!

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