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meet anckor

We're a new way to connect with your customers and employees that checks the boxes of physical, mental, and social wellness.

how do we do it?

Supporting personal and professional growth through total health is a hefty promise. Here’s ANCKOR’s secret sauce.

Challenge Yourself (No matter your fitness level)

ANCKOR’s high intensity bodyweight workout uses time instead of repetitions to equally challenge all fitness levels. We promise there’s something for everyone.

Truly Connect

ANCKOR crafts each workout around a theme and uses prompts throughout the workout to drive reflection. Mid-workout conversations around the prompts create real connections that leave you feeling supported and energized.

Take Time to Reflect

ANCKOR incorporates guided breath-work at the start of the workout and a well deserved relaxation at the end to ground you and clear your mind. Clarity? Check.

That’s a pretty powerful 60 minutes, huh?

The Result

Total health for total self-awareness. It's been proven that internal and external self-awareness are both important and result in more confidence, more productivity, more creativity....basically more of the good stuff. That's what makes us so different: we take both into account because, well, we want you to be all those things too.


The best part of all -- ANCKOR works directly with you to refine a workout experience that caters to your unique needs. Email to start the conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Employee membershipS

  • Unlimited ANCKOR classes
  • Access to recorded classes
  • Discount rates available for bulk membership
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custom anckor class

  • Tailored Private event (or series) just for employees or public event for customers
  • Customized workout, theme, prompts, playlist, readings, and format
  • Collaboration with organizer to ensure vision execution and goals